VR003: Life Model - Come Round

It’s quite easy to want to rush new bands into action, especially when their debut material is of such high standard (that’s their self titled four track EP, by the way). 

Anyhow, Glasgow five piece Life Model are back with their brand new single “Come Round” (VR003, backed with newly recorded b-side “East Coast”), which caries on from the likes of “Glazed” & “Persistent”. More expansive than before, the track’s ability to breath only heightens the sense of sonic euphoria that the band seem to capture so effortlessly well. Listen below, buy it here: https://visceralityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/life-model-come-round   

VR002: Wanderlings - VNO

Wanderlings are great. Really great. Ever since that heavenly debut “Swingin’”, the Notts four-piece have been steadily raising their game in preparation for their first proper release, VNO.

Listen to it below in full below, with thanks to the lovely folk at Fake DIY.




VR001: Life Model - s/t EP

Delighted to announce the debut EP release from Glasgow five piece Life Model

Buy it on limited edition purple cassette or digitally on Bandcamp: http://visceralityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/life-model-ep

The first single “Glazed” is also available on  Glazed